• 74 years old male patient with diabetic for 38 years.
  • His HbA1c tested on 9 March 2016 was 9.1%, before the Peripheral Blood Stem Cell treatment.
  • He was injecting insulin twice a day and took additional diabetic drugs everyday.
  • He also had hypertension and urinary problems.
  • After Peripheral Blood Stem Cell transplantation 3 times within 2 years, his HbA1c level was decreased from 9.1 % to 6.4 % which had been tested on 4 Feb 2017.
  • On 28 Feb 2018, his HbA1c level was decreased from 6.4% to 5.6% which is within the range of normal HbA1c level.
  • He doesn’t need either to inject insulin or take medicines.
  • His hypertension is in control and his urinary problems are gone.

(HbA1c test results are in attached and uploaded with patient’s permission.)