Stem Cell solutions on Erectile Dysfunctional (ED)

Erectile Dysfunctional (ED) defines sexual inability in male when the erection is not capable or capable with not enough duration for the Sexual intercourse. The causes are usually involve diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cholesterol which mainly affected blood vessels and nerves supplying the penis. The best solution is to repair blood vessels and nerves which can only be done by stem cell.


The treatment of diabetes are normally been taken for granted. The main reason might be because, it does not cause any serious pain to the patient. Most of the patients unobtrusively allow the accumulation of the sugar levels in blood circulation till blood vessels, nerves and organs including penis are destroyed. Hence, the risk on erectile dysfunction for diabetes’s patients are as high as 4 times more risky than others.

High Blood Pressure

In the patients with high blood pressure are usually found the tough, inflexible, narrow or even some blockages which cause bad flow of the blood in the circulation. This is also the barrier on travelling of blood supply to penis.


 Heart disease and High Cholesterols

The patients with heart disease and high cholesterols are also having bad circulation. The ability in the travelling of the blood to penis is also harder.

All the above diseases are either the result of the bad circulation or the diseases are the cause of the bad circulation. In whatever way how disease’s affect the body, but the cause of erectile dysfunction come from the same circumstances. Increase the circulation quality to enable blood supply to the particular area. The treatments need to focus on the improvement of blood texture and blood vessels. Improving of the blood texture by reduce the sugar and cholesterol level. Repair blood vessels is one of the main duty of Peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) which can soften the blood vessels and also increase its flexibility.

For the better improvement, there are the research show the performance MSC are also brought in to re-boost and increase muscle, tendons and nerves.