Academic knowledge and medical information about stem cells

Why should we need cryopreservation of our own stem cells?

Tissue degeneration of the organs in our body will deteriorate with age. As we are getting older, damage to cells or tissues are increased. At that time, if we want to get transplantation of  stem cells , this must be donated by the others and which is not easy to find the donor. Because of the cell difference between the two people, it is more difficult to find a true partner to donate the stem cells to us.

We don’t need the stem cells from the others if we store our own cells when we are healthy. If we wait until we are sick and we need stem cells for the treatment and want to keep the cells at that time, you cannot get the stem cells or store the stem cells because of your health is not good.

For all of these reasons, CRYO STEMCELL THAILAND will help to get the cells and preserve them for the necessary usage in the future so we don’t need the stem cells from the others and do not need to worry about the incompatible of the stem cells from the others.