Stem cells for Anti-aging

Stem cells and aging

Aging is a complex biological process that is a common feature of all living things. It is a continuous, progressive, intrinsic and destructive physiological process that is a function of the body’s decline and physiological disturbance during the degenerative period.

Comprehensive performance

Aging can reduce the body’s ability to maintain a dynamic balance in the face of environmental threats. Thereby increasing the likelihood of illness and death in the body.

Aging hypothesis

Stem cell consumption hypothesis: It is believed that aging is the continuous consumption of stem cells as the years increase, resulting in aging functional cells not being able to update immediately, dysfunction, metabolic disorders, and ultimately death.

Genetic Hypothesis: It is believed that aging is an orderly genetic activity of the body, which is first arranged by genetics, or expressed by a specific “aging” gene, or the final failure of available genes.

Injury accumulation hypothesis: It is considered that aging is disordered, there is no certain procedure, and the result of a series of disorders occurring randomly is the result of progressive and cumulative destruction of organelles.

Aging clinical manifestations

Nervous system:  insomnia, fatigue, lack of energy, memory loss;

Reproductive system:     decreased sexual function, premature ovarian failure, premature menopausal syndrome;

Skin system:    the skin is not smooth, the facial spots are prominent, the wrinkles are deepened, the skin is slack, and the skin is white;

Exercise system:       muscle weakness, weak waist and knee pain, osteoporosis, decreased exercise capacity;

Immune system:     decreased immune function, easy to catch cold, headache, susceptible to infectious diseases;

Metabolic system:      a group with low metabolism, obesity, and premature aging.

Mesenchymal stem cell therapy for antiaging effect

1)Extending aging and staying young: Stem cell infusion can delay infusion and prolong life;

2)Improve nervous system function, change mental outlook: promote the development of neuronal cells, improve memory and thinking analysis ability, promote the secretion of intrinsic peptides, alleviate irritable emotions, and improve work efficiency;

3)Improve the function of the reproductive nervous system, enhance sexual function: male sexual function is significantly improved, women’s ovarian premature aging is significantly improved, fat redistribution shaping perfect body tends to be younger;

4)Regulates the function of the motor system and enhances the vitality of the body: improving the muscles, bones, and degenerative diseases of the human body, keeping the functions of the body and tissues young and energetic;

5)Regulates immune function and improves endocrine: two-way regulation of the immune system and maintaining the body’s strong immune defense capabilities;

6)Skin rejuvenation: lightens spots, removes wrinkles, tightens skin, whitens skin, restores skin elasticity;

7)Purification and detoxification: detoxification and purifying body fluids, removing body waste; anti-radiation, anti-gene mutation: preventing tumorigenesis.