Health is important
Health is not valued till sickness come
” We are not made of medicine. We build from cells “
More than 10 years of experience in health care with stem cell treatment

Welcome To Cryo Stem Cell

Cryo Stem Cell provides wide range of medical services including basic health checkup, antiaging & regeneration treatment and palliative care.

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Why should yours choose Cryo Stem Cell?

  • Simple, effective and convenient.

    Being simple yet effective of the stem cell therapy over invasive and risky transplant surgery.

  • Ethical treatment

    Wether the stem cell therapy is ethical? The answer is,YES!

  • Cost effective

    Stem cell treatment is most cost effective than the complicated surgery

Frequently asked questions

Cryo Stem Cell center is located in Bangkok,Thailand

The answer is ,”YES” .All of the stem cell process including transplantation and injection.
The regenerative adult stem cell is already used in the treatment of more than 100 serious diseases.

The duration of the stem cell therapy depends on the seriousness of the disease from 1-8 days.

Compare with the cost of complicated treatment like surgery ,organ transplant , stem cell infusion is cheaper yet naturally effective.

Our medical team