Beauty and skin health

We have a program to take care of your health and beauty from inside to outside for skin rejuvenation treatment.

1.What is MSC ?

Insensitive stem cells are responsible for the repair and restoration of cells in organs caused by deterioration or abnormalities to function better. By secreting a wide variety of biological substances and then to stimulate neighboring cells In addition, these biological substances also stimulate the body’s stem cells to multiply and multiply. Sources of mesenchymal stem cells are the Umbilical cord, cord blood, adipose, peripheral blood, bone marrow, and teeth.

2.What is PRP ?

When we were wounded Or the body needs to repair or restore organs Our blood is like a water stream that carries the food of our cells. White blood cells That help manage germs Including various substances To help repair and restore organs Various of them Which we call for short as Growth Factors cause organs or wear parts back to work normally, so we have researched and experimented. Bring the blood in the part we call PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, which is caused by the blood that has been centrifuged into different layers and removed the layer with the most Growth Factors. Which we call that PRP is used in the treatment of various aspects such as orthopedic surgery. Orthopedic disease Dental disease Hair loss treatment, Fat Graft, and also used in skin rejuvenation.


3.What is HIFU ?

HIFU or High Intensity Focus Ultrasound is a high intensity ultrasound wave. By sending it to destroy tissues in the skin layer Causing the skin in the SMAS layer to shrink, similar to the meat suture Stimulate the production of collagen or new tissue under the skin. Which is a facelift That results in the skin looking lifted and more youthful And you don’t have to apply a needle on your face to hurt! The ultrasound waves do not affect the epidermis. And does not affect the work system of the body