Colon Hydrotherapy

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is a process that helps get rid of impurities. Or toxins that remain in the colon by water, which is safe, easy and follow the natural way. Born in ancient Egypt Today, 70 percent of the cells in our immune system are found in the gut. And found that poor colon health affects the function of the immune system Colon cleansing in addition to cleaning Cleanse the residual toxins And adjust the working condition of the intestines It can also help to adjust the work of the immune system as well.

How does douching affect your health?

The colon, five to seven feet long, will squeeze the water and liquid from the residue Which will be expelled

At least 1-2 days, some people get constipated for a week. The longer the toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream. Healthy gut It is essential to a sustainable life. Without disease Although the excretion is normal But there will be waste that adheres to the intestinal wall. Which cannot be eliminated entirely

Colon Hydrotherapy will help hold the waste. And the toxins that have accumulated for a long time to be depleted Causing the intestines to return to work normally And when the colon is in a clean, balanced state The good bacteria in the gut are able to live And grow To create vitamins And immunity to the body Or people with constipation, colon cleansing procedure It can help eliminate toxins and waste from the colon with good absorption. And there is a normal compression Affect good health and strength

Diseases / symptoms that should be colonized

Flatulence, gas in the stomach And chronic indigestion
Constipation or a problem with the digestive system
Stressful, suffering from exposure to chemicals
Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes
Overweight people show that they have more toxins in their bodies than thin people.