Cell therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Cell therapy is a stem cell transplant, also known as stem cell. Which can develop into different types of cells Including being able to continuously divide into new stem cells And acts as a complete repair system for tissue It can be used to treat diseases caused by degeneration of cells in the body. We can use stem cells from ourselves to improve the repair efficiency. Strengthening various tissues Of our body Which our own cells are a safe source of stem cells Have good performance And the risk is minimal For stem cell transplantation Stem cells can be used on the knee joint. Stem cells, facial skin and other parts of the body have helped to slow down aging, diabetes, immune dysfunction. Autoimmune diseases such as SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, and pain Damaged skin and hair loss Diseases involving the brain and heart system Wound healing, etc.


Stem cells are natural, multicellular cells that reside in all living organisms, including humans, plants, and animals. Stem cells are made up of multiple cells. Originated from one cell It starts with a single cell that is fertilized between males and females. Evolves into multiple cells and evolves into organs The cells that originate all living things are called “stem cells”.

When the holy man grows By taking half of the cells from the mother’s egg And half is from the father’s sperm Together to become one cell The implantation became human. And there are more organs. Stem cells can develop into more than 200 types of all tissue cells at once, so it can be called. Every cell is developed. It comes from stem cells.

The founder of the term stem cell was a Russian scientist at the 1908 conference in Berlin believed that stem cells were capable of making blood. Therefore named stem cells and has been studied for a long time and continues with the development of knowledge that can increase life

Stem cells can develop, create life and create organs. When growing up as a human being Stem cells remain and are scattered in the body. Stem cells are responsible for repair. When in the liver It serves to build the liver. Stem cells in the brain Serves to build the brain In the bone marrow It serves to create the blood.

Research has found that Stem cells can repair the body. By conducting experiments to bring the blood vessels of the rats To cause ischemic heart disease And experimented by injecting stem cells into it. And the new heart muscle by itself. There has been more studies and research of stem cells. But in some places it is used without real cognition.

Differentiation of stem cells From blood It comes from the bone marrow and comes from the placenta.

Stem cells from the blood: The blood contains stem cells. At present, we try to bring stem cells from the blood for treatment. By injecting the bone marrow to generate stem cells, then using a stem cell collection machine. And re-injected into a new study, for example, in a diabetic patient who had to amputate a leg. Using stem cell treatments, approximately 90% of them do not have to amputate their legs and can still heal their wounds. Which is a response to treatment that is quite good

Stem cells from the bone marrow: In the human bone marrow There are many cells that make up One of them also had bone marrow stem cells, which were punctured into the bone and sucked out a portion of the blood. Will get stem cells from the bone marrow Which appears to be good in treating many diseases such as heart disease, liver disease, spinal cord disease and aging.

Stem cells from the placenta: It comes from the umbilical cord from the amniotic placenta, which can be extracted for therapeutic benefits. The type of stem cells suitable for transplantation in patients for treatment is called “mesenchheim”. This will make it possible to transplant to anyone. Currently, stem cells have been separated from the dead water. For use in the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease Parkinson’s, diabetes, and blood disorders

The principle of operation of stem cells, first of all, enters the injured organ and causes changes and regeneration in the tissues of that organ. Prick the rat brain and inject stem cells into the rat’s tail. It appears that stem cells have transformed into brain cells in the rat brain region. Changing that cell It is proven to be a change from the injected cells.Stem cells also act to create Growth Factor to stimulate cells to repair themselves, which is like an elixir.

What diseases can stem cells cure?
Currently, it is researched worldwide that stem cell therapy is a promising new medical cure for degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, blood disease, liver disease, osteoarthritis Hypersensitivity, rheumatoid, SLE, some cancers, paralysis, paralysis, macular degeneration, spinal cord, ischemic stroke. And autism

Advances in using stem cells for treatment of diseases abroad?
As for the advancement of treatment abroad, stem cells have now been extracted as drugs. For use in the treatment of disease, it is named “Prochymal”. It is certified in Canada. Which is classified as a drug extracted from stem cells The first in the world to be approved for use In Australia Approved to use their own fat stem cells It was found that the response was effective for the treatment of dementia and spinal cord disease. Considered a breakthrough in the evolution of evolution mixed with modern medical science.