Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)

Is the latest innovation in anti-aging Slow down the deterioration of the brain. And almost all types of cell degeneration. NAD + is a coenzyme that occurs in normal cells. Acts in the process of calcination. (Metabolism) of cells is used as the energy of cells to create new cells, promote the repair of various organs. To be strong to delay aging and have a good quality of life As an experiment by Dr David Sinclair from the Howard Houward Medical University Laboratory.

Benefits when received from NAD + therapy (report from treatment)

– Helps increase brain energy Making brain cells work better
– Reduces brain fatigue, makes you feel refreshed, more energetic, more focused and improves your mood.
– Helps relieve the craving for drugs Make the treatment more effective
– Helps to reduce symptoms from drugs to be less.
– Helps to increase the length of the telomere. Has the effect of making the body stronger and longer
– Helps to protect the nervous system Increase the amount of neurotransmitters
– Helps to see and gain joy
– Helps the body to repair DNA more efficiently and reduce inflammation.
– Helps to alleviate pain
– Helps slow down the aging process of the cells in the body. Restore youthfulness to the body