genetic testing

Genetic Testing

“Gene” is the genetic code of all living things. Humans have this genetic code in their bodies. In which genes regulate the expression characteristics of different people. Skin color, hair, height, organ function, and even the risk of disease are all genes. Nowadays, there are new technologies that can indicate the risk of developing serious diseases through the genetic code testing of the body. Also known as the Gene Test or Gene Test


What is a gene test?

Gene Test or genetic code This is a test for abnormalities of the genes in the body that go down to the DNA level. Able to accurately detect changes or mutations in genes. Or in other words Is to predict the future of our own health It helps us to plan our own care and find the right way to prevent disease of the individual.


How important is Gene Test?

Today, there are many deadly diseases, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, and many others, and gene testing will reveal the risk of these diseases. Or not Although the human genetics will not change. How it was born will be like that for the rest of your life. But we can cope and adjust our lifestyle to stay away from the risks of that disease.


What are the benefits of a gene test?

It is a health examination and risk assessment at the deepest level. Is down to the gene level Provides more detailed examination results than blood chemistry tests. Currently, only genes containing Clinical Guideline or US FDA clinical guidelines should be selected to prevent any misunderstandings or medical arguments.